Over the past few months, there have been drastic changes in the world. These changes have negatively affected everything from people to businesses, whereas the technology sector has been forced to create new types of technology. With the virus, there have been several changes in how we trade, work, produce goods, learn, seek medical services, and use entertainment to keep busy. Here are a few trends that have helped to keep society resilient.

Contactless Deliveries and Payments

If you are an online shopper or Keene on ordering take-out, the terms of contactless have been heavily used. Not only are companies using contactless delivery, but most are requiring that only debit or credit cards be used and that you enter your card in the POS device or pay online. With contactless delivery, you give the instructions on how you want your packages or food delivery to be left so that safety measures can be taken. These types of technology were already in place but are now more widely used by everyone.

Remote Work

With there being a stay-at-home advisory in place in the United States, many companies have asked their employees to work from home. This includes connecting VPNs, VoIPs, virtual meetings, cloud technology, work collaboration tools, and facial recognition technologies. Working from home helps to ensure that employees stay safe and healthy, but it also helps to save with not having to commute to work. There are some issues with working from home such as security issues and timely technical support.


With the current virus, the biggest issue is people needing to go to the doctor, but not wanting to get sick. With the amazing technology we have today, people can use their own personal IoT devices, track their vitals, and talk directly with doctors over the phone so that they can still see the doctor and lessen the risk of contracting Covid-19.

Many new technologies are heavily being used today due to the current pandemic that we are all experiencing. Different advancements had to be implemented in the technology already sought by so many to keep the world spinning and keeping people working.

Jun 2 20
Christina Zumwalt
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