Alto9 would like to wish our readers and clients a happy 4th of July. In order to help you pop off your celebration without a hitch this year we’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts to make sure you have a safe and fun Independence Day.

Don’t make last minute travel plans! Prices on hotels and flights are going to be at a peak when it comes to traveling to desirable locations.

Do scope out a great place to watch large fireworks displays. Most towns have some sort of display for the 4th. Show up early to snag a parking spot and a decent spot to watch the show.

Don’t forget the bug spray! With the sun winding down for the evening’s festivities the mosquitos, no see-ems and other bugs will be making their grand entrance.

Do clean up after yourself. Use the campsite rule of thumb: “Leave it better than you found it”. Keep this in mind especially after blowing off fireworks. You don’t want to leave a mess for somebody else to clean up, or leave something behind that may injure an animal.

Don’t drink and drive! Arrange for a designated driver in advance. If that falls through, call a taxi or order an Uber to make sure you get where you’re going safely.

Do check the laws in your area regarding shooting off personal fireworks, and check noise ordinances in areas where it is legal to shoot them off.

Don’t point fireworks at other people, structure, or wooded areas. This can lead to injuries and costly damages.

Do lock up your pets. The 4th of July is a common time that pets tend to go missing. This is because of noise and chaos scaring them into looking for shelter.

Don’t forget to have a bucket of sand or water handy to put out any flames if necessary.

Jul 3 20
Christina Zumwalt