With the number of high profile security breaches that have occurred, analysts agree that cyber-attacks will continue and become even more sophisticated. When it comes to protecting your networks, the size of your company is irrelevant. Hackers target enterprises of all sizes because different information is valuable in different ways. No company or enterprise is immune from cyber attacks, so you need to put stringent security measures in place as quickly as possible. Cloud monitoring is a broad category. It includes cloud and web applications, networks, platforms, infrastructure, application, and microservices. Some cloud tools are specialized to handle a specific security concern, while others are broad-based tools that do it all.

Determining what security tools are right for your enterprise will depend on your needs and your budget. Some companies may choose to rely on out of the box monitoring tools from their cloud provider while others may want to invest in an enterprise-level monitoring solution. Here are several of the top monitoring tools.

Amazon CloudWatch

If you use AWS, CloudWatch is a tool you should be using. It allows you to monitor application metrics and log files to react quickly to changes in your AWS resources. There is no additional software to install with CloudWatch.

CA Technologies

CA Technologies offers a full-stack, enterprise-level monitoring and management solution for companies with public, private, and hybrid clouds. Their tools provide user experience monitoring from your web app to securing and scaling your operations. This product is worth looking into.

Microsoft Cloud Monitoring

If you have a Microsoft stack and run your web apps on Azure, you can use Microsoft’s monitoring tools. Microsoft provides a complete view of your web app’s performance with log analysis, application monitoring, and security alerts. The monitoring tools are built into Azure, so there is no new software to install.

New Relic

The big plus for New relic is that you can see all of your data from monitoring your web apps, platform, and cloud infrastructure in one dashboard. The single dashboard makes management more comfortable and allows you to make quick decisions so you can respond rapidly and efficiently to changes and make decisions that will improve your business. The APM also monitors the end-user experience on your apps.


This monitoring tool “fetches” data from other integrated devices and pulls it into a user-friendly dashboard. It also provides an APM to monitor user experience on your app, and it gives genuinely brilliant visualizations so you can see precisely how your cloud is performing. This tool’s great thing is that it integrates with hundreds of other products across the cloud ecosystem.


Named as the best network monitoring tool in 2016 and 2017 by PC magazine, LogicMonitor is an enterprise IT solution that helps you monitor the entire stack of infrastructure, apps, and tools.


Dynatrace is a powerful solution to monitor business analytics, application performance, cloud containers, and infrastructure. They work with all significant application frameworks, cloud providers, and microservices, and their pricing is straightforward. This security tool is beneficial to businesses of any size.


Given Gartner’s highest rating in 2017, AppNeta is a SaaS app and network monitoring tool that works across cloud platforms. The performance manager provides insight into resource usage, app delivery, and user experience.

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Aug 31 20
Christina Zumwalt