We have to admit, that during the stress of the current pandemic, a good way to unwind is some good office pranks. When planning your pranks you want to make sure that there is high impact with little to no effort, doesn’t hurt anyone mentally or physically, doesn’t disrupt your work, and is an easy clean-up. Here are a few pranks that you can perform in the technical world.

1.  Changing the keyboard to make words autocorrect to incorrect spellings.

2.  Change applications to open more than one instance when the app is opened.

3.  Close off the IT section with a crime scene notice, caution tape, and make a body outline with tape.

4.  Move all the office chairs into one office making it difficult to get into that office

These are just a few things that your office can participate in to help everyone relax and blow off some steam during the stressful times.

Sep 25 20
Christina Zumwalt