Cloud computing is becoming more widely used across the world as it has become very useful, especially due to the current pandemic. Not only does the cloud help with cost reductions, but it also gives businesses greater flexibility, and elasticity and optimal resource utilization. Cloud computing allows you to use services that are housed in another location virtually anywhere as long as you have a connection to the internet. Here are a few ways that businesses could use cloud computing to achieve their business goals. 

Big Data Analytics 

The use of big data analytics allows companies to delve into large quantities or both structured and unstructured data to harness the benefit of extracting business value, and it is done by leveraging cloud computing. One of the biggest uses of big data analytics is taking the shopping habits from a large department store and using those habits for advertising and marketing to bring in the clientele. Whenever you are on any social media platform, you will notice that the ads are tailored to items you may have searched or mentioned out loud, and that is due to analytics on behavioral patterns to get meaningful information. 

Cloud Storage 

This is the feature that mostly everyone is using, not just businesses. Cloud storage is the storage of any type of data files that can be accessed nearly anywhere in the world if there is an internet connection. This also allows businesses to be able to have multiple users to access documents anytime anywhere. With this type of storage all consumers are only paying for the amount of storage that each user is wanting to have. With cloud storage, you will at anytime or place have high availability, speed, scalability, and security for your environment. 

Data Backup 

Backing up data has always been such a tedious, time consuming activity, which includes maintaining a set of drive, manually having to collect them, and then sending them back out for a new version to be added to the drive or the back up be used to restore a computer after any issues. Cloud-based back ups can now be used to send data to any location across “the wire” with an assurance that security, availability, and capacity are not issues. 

Cloud computing has certainly come a long way from where it started. Cloud computing is becoming more widely used across the entire world. The pandemic has surely assisted in the cloud becoming a huge part of what it is today. Over the last several months things have changed incredibly to be more user friendly.

Oct 14 20
Christina Zumwalt