The year is quickly coming to an end and what we are now looking forward to is what is to come in 2021 cloud computing. There are going to be new trends and expectations to look forward to in the new year. With everything that happened this year from COVID-19, there were significant advancements in Cloud Computing. These advancements leave us wondering what more could change in the coming year. Here are a few new trends to look forward to in 2021.

AI to Improve Cloud Computing

AI or artificial intelligence is one of the critical things to improve technology to adapt to our needs in 2021. Anyone using Cloud-based-as-a-service platforms has the ability, no matter what the budget is, can access machine learning functions such as image recognition tools, language processing, and recommendation engines. These revolutionary tools will still be allowed through the cloud by enterprises of all sizes and in all fields, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. Smarter algorithms will be delivered through cloud services in research areas, such as autonomous vehicles, smart city infrastructures, and pandemic response planning.

Gaming Becoming More Widely Available

Until more recently, only music and video streaming were widely used from cloud services, but Amazon joined with some of the ranks of tech giants and startups in offering cloud gaming. Cloud gaming promises to revolutionize how people consume entertainment media with offerings of instant access to vast libraries of games that you can play by just paying a monthly subscription. In 2020, cloud gaming services were launched by Google, Microsoft, and Nvidia, while Sony’s has been available for years. Experts predict that the need to purchase new gaming systems to stay current and with the cutting edge technology should be a thing of the past.

Virtual Cloud Desktops

With 2020 being a lesson for working remotely due to the pandemic, providers worked to create an environment where workstations can be delivered as a managed cloud service to a laptop or desktop used to work. Organizations can take advantage of by-the-hour subscriptions for hours worked by employees, eliminating the need for redundant technology and hardware updates. If this trend becomes more widely used, it can increase the efficiency across workforces by ensuring that everyone uses the most up-to-date, synchronized technology. Security measures will also be uniform for all users and not ensure that best practices are being followed.

The year is quickly coming to an end and what we are now looking forward to is what is to come in 2021 cloud computing. The upcoming changes are something that everyone can look forward to.

Dec 4 20
Christina Zumwalt
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