Technology is ever changing and growing and it always leads us to ask one single question, what is next? With the world all heading towards an AI-first world, it leaves a huge opportunity for startups to leave their footprint. It is not a surprise that artificial intelligence and robots are leading the way to the future. The new motto is dream big, act now, so why not do it? Here are 3 of the best technologies the continue to evolve.

Artificial Intelligence

You might find yourself asking why would you want to create a startup business focusing on artificial intelligence, but that answer is straightforward. Artificial intelligence became a thing in 1956 but has recently become extremely popular all because of increased data volumes, advanced algorithms, and improvements in computing power and storage. In the early 1950s AI covered topics like symbolic methods and problem-solving, and then not even ten years later, the US Department of Defense gained interest in AI and began training computers to mimic basic human reasoning. In 1970, DARPA or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency used AI to develop their mapping projects, and later developed intelligent personal assistance before Siri, Alexa or Cortana were developed. These are just a few of the milestones over the years, and with the growth of AI, it has proven to be one of the best parts of technology to start in.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality uses technology in order to superimpose information such as sounds, images and text on the world we see. Some examples are movies like minority report or iron man. Most of the “new technologies” that are just making a huge change on the world were actually developed many years ago and have just become something worth investing in. One of the coolest parts of augmented reality is Disney Research developed an AR coloring book, where you would color a character in a coloring book and then launch the app on a cell phone or tablet. Once the app had launched you would use the camera to detect which character you are coloring and use the software to re-create the character in 3D. Another huge move in AR is the game “ Pokemon Go,” this game became a sensation overnight with over 100 million estimated users at its peak, bringing in over $2 million and counting.


IoT is the internet of things and refers to the billions of devices that are around the whole world that happen to be connected to the internet, that collect and share the data. IoT adds levels of digital intelligence to all devices that you could otherwise consider dumb and enables them to communicate real-time data without having to involve a human, which in turn merges the digital world with the physical one. You might ask what you could consider as an IoT device, other than electronic devices that have internet capabilities. Such things could be an oven that you can turn on from your phone, a fridge that can send you a grocery list while you are shopping or a washer that has wifi. These days pretty much anything can be turned into an IoT device.

In a world that is ever changing with technology, you have to dream big and act now on ideas that you have. AI, AR, and IoT are just a small group of the many great things that are set to develop and grow over the rest of this year and will continue to blossom over the next several years. Don’t let your chance slip by you while you are scared to move forward.

Jan 6 21
Christina Zumwalt
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