What can we say about 2020? The last year was definitely an odd one, but amazing for cloud computing. Cloud computing became one of the key innovations to define 2020. When 2020 first started, there was a standard growth trajectory imagined for 2020, and things were following that path until COVID-19 happened. At the start of the pandemic, tech leaders were called to action. At the same time, workforce distribution models were put in place, digital agendas were brought to speed, and some of the most remarkable shifts in cloud computing were completed overnight.  Here are some great things that came from 2020: 

  • More digitalization of customers and supply-chain interactions 
  • New capabilities of cloud computing 
  • Digital becoming the biggest cloud catalyst 
  • Added learning experiences for businesses, technology leaders, and users to cloud computing.
  • New investments in cloud computing 

2020 was definitely a year to remember, whether it was the sudden shift in technology or because of the pandemic. Some people seem to think that the major changes in technology are going to be short lived with how quickly the world reacted and the changes in cloud came, but it shows us that anything is virtually possible.

Jan 8 21
Christina Zumwalt