Thousands of businesses made a rapid move to VOIP in the wake of the pandemic as the need to deploy remote workforces spiked like never before. While the ability to seamlessly work from home is one of the major advantages of VOIP, there are many others that can have a profound impact on daily operations and business continuity.

Lowered Costs

There are several areas in which a VOIP platform can save your business money.  These platforms are typically half the price of traditional phone lines.  Since there is no hardware or wiring required, you save thousands versus installing or maintaining a PBX system.  Additionally, running over the internet enables businesses to significantly cut costs on long distance and international calling.

Worldwide Access

VOIP is an essential tool in deploying an efficient and reliable mobile or home-based workforce.  Teams and individuals can work from anywhere and still have all of the communication capabilities as being in an office.  Phone numbers don’t change wherever you go and all you need is an internet connection to be up running.  The pandemic has highlighted this need, and when things get back to normal there is sure to be a major increase in business travel.

Greater Scalability

You don’t need to splurge on pricey hardware or install additional wiring when using a VOIP platform.  Simply add a line with your provider at a predetermined cost and you can scale up and down as needed.  This is particularly important if your business uses temporary workers for large projects, has a business model that requires flexibility in the number of employees working at a given time, or does not have the space to house additional physical phone equipment.

Advanced Features

Most business VOIP providers include some kind of meeting software that allows for group video calls.  This is a feature that has been widely used over the past year and looks like it will become an essential in any business tool kit.  The ability to choose a phone number from any area code allows you to use local numbers in multiple different locations, making it easier for customers to reach you.  There are many more examples of advanced features that vary depending on you provider.

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Feb 24 21
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