How the Cloud Helps Optimize the Customer Journey

The fact of the matter is that customer expectations have never been higher. The stakes for enterprises are enormous. Business depends on customers, and their experience with a company determines whether they buy again or seek a better experience online or in a bricks-and-mortar shop. Good service is paramount. With the high global spending on cloud infrastructure, one of the ways to recoup those investment dollars is to ensure your cloud infrastructure has the capability to optimize your customer’s experience, which in turn will benefit your business.

So, where can you begin to optimize your customer experience with your cloud infrastructure? One area to focus in on is cloud-based services that help automate processes for your customers. Customers today expect a seamless shopping experience. They expect their favorite brands to know exactly what they want, what they need, how they shop, excellent, fast, and efficient customer service both online or in a store.

Some of the many benefits cloud services can deliver include:

  • Syncing up your inventory both online and in physical stores
  • The ability for in-store clerks to check inventory in real-time using mobile devices
  • Real-time pricing that can be automatically increased or decreased to match demand
  • Personalized emails based on shopper preferences and buying habits

Predictive Analytics

One of the things that matter most to businesses today is human connections. Companies are searching for more ways to connect with their customers as individuals because when one can personalize an experience to the individual, the experience will be more relevant, driving more revenue opportunities. The cloud can provide predictive analytic capabilities that allow your business the harness the power of profitable customer acquisition strategies based on retention data. All that data on customer engagement helps companies and brands to truly understand what their customers are interested in and what the individual intent really is. Predictive analytics allows brands to be proactive in their engagement with their customers. Brands can identify where the individual is in their customer journey and optimize the content the customer sees, time content to correspond to where they are in their journey, and deliver the content by the individual’s preferred marketing channel.

Encouraging Brand Loyalty

Loyalty programs are very popular with consumers, and the cloud enables the users of loyalty programs to access various platforms all the time. Cloud-based identity management loyalty program members can log into a single platform at any location and any time to redeem miles, book flights, and much more. Making their experience efficient and easy.

Resource Planning Breaks Down Boundaries

With the ability to move enterprise resource planning into the cloud, it opened the doors to visualize and see what is happening at every point of your supply chain. Enterprises can pass on that value to consumers from marketing all the way through fulfillment, allowing for the development of new business models that cater even more closely to the individual needs and demands of your customers.

Finally, cloud-based services provide agility and support enhanced collaboration meaning app development occurs much faster, and customer demands can be addressed more quickly than ever, helping retain customers.

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Jul 14 21
Christina Zumwalt