Over the last few years, a huge question being asked is “Why Cloud Computing”? Cloud computing has undoubtedly become the hottest trend in the tech world in recent years, and cloud computing is here to stay. With all-new technologies developed, there are generally three categories that organizations fall into, ones that move quickly, ones that are reluctant to move, and the ones that question everything. Here are several reasons why cloud computing is always the best choice.

Streamlining Content

The years 2020 and 2021 showed as to be real reasons as to why having streamlined content is a huge necessity. Many companies found themselves unable to have employees working inside the office due to a global pandemic. Using the cloud for streamlining allowed those companies to have several employees and partners collaborating on documents in real-time, without sending the files as an attachment and waiting to get a response. Having this type of visibility helps to improve your bottom line, as less time is used when not using antiquated methods of email attachments.


In the news, we often hear about computers being stolen or data breaches, which is a significant concern of every company regardless of size and industry. With using cloud computing, documents are no longer stored on a computer, helping eliminate the risk of data breaches from computers being hacked or stolen. Several security features are offered for the cloud, such as access control, authentication, and encryption. With these added features, most organizations can use their own security measures and the added features to bolster their cloud data protection as well as tightening access to the sensitive information that is stored in the cloud.

Data Loss Prevention

Imagine working on a huge project for work, and your hard drive crashes and cannot be repaired. You have now lost all your hard work. With cloud computing, everything is stored in the cloud, and it will always be available from any device. Despite all efforts made when using on-premises approaches, computers and servers can malfunction for various reasons. Anything such as failures, or viruses, and malware can deteriorate the data, as well as simple user errors.

Cloud computing is definitely a benefit to all companies who use the cloud. It gives the security, availability, and reliability for all data housed inside it. There are many benefits to cloud computing not listed here that are equally as important. If you find yourself wondering why cloud computing is, here are some of the best reasons to use cloud computing.

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Aug 25 21
Christina Zumwalt
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