It is finally that time of year for all things pumpkin, and boy are we excited! Here are some interesting facts about why fall is the best season around!

  1. Those Halloween frights can be good for your heart.
  2. It’s cobbler season.
  3. It’s a great time for a campfire.
  4. Johnny Appleseed was a real guy.
  5. There’s a distinct “fall” scent that you can only smell in certain months.
  6. The Northern Lights are stronger in the fall.
  7. And you’ll be able to spot Mercury in the sky this fall.
  8. There’s a whole new set of seasonal fruits and vegetables to eat.
  9. And the largest pumpkin pie ever weighed nearly 3,700 pounds.
  10. And leaf peeping is a billion-dollar business, too.

Some of these facts are crazy, and things you wouldn’t even believe were true. The best part of fall is getting to spend time with family, spooky season, and chilly weather. After the year that we have all had, it is a much needed time to relax!

Sep 24 21
Christina Zumwalt