It is almost time for the spookiest day of October. Make sure to get as much candy and scares as possible! Here are some facts about Halloween:

1. “Jack o’ lantern” comes from the Irish legend of Stingy Jack

2. Candy corn was originally called Chicken Feed

3. Trick-or-treating comes from “souling”

4. The most lit jack o’ lanterns on display is 30,581

5. Halloween folklore is full of fortune-telling and magic

6. Day of the Dead should really be called Days of the Dead

7. Michael Myers’ mask is actually a William Shatner mask

8. Halloween originated from an ancient Celtic festival

9. Des Moines has a hilarious tradition called Beggars’ Night

10. The White House is haunted

Here at Alto 9 we hope you all enjoy your Halloween!

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Oct 29 21
Christina Zumwalt