When utilizing the cloud for your business, you need enhanced security that still allows everyone to work and access applications and online data. It is also very important that you are aware of what security threats, issues, and challenges you may face using cloud computing. There are some common ones, such as data loss from cyber-attacks, security system misconfiguration, and unsecure access control points. Here are some reasons why these could be potential issues for you.

Data Loss Due to Cyber-Attacks

Cloud-based networks are often the target of cybercriminals due to the fact that most cloud service providers are accessible from the public internet. Most of the time, multiple companies use the same CSP, which allows attackers to repeat successful cyberattacks on one target to gain access to many more. Cloud-based networks are usually not secured properly, and many hackers are aware of and know how to exploit these providers.

Security System Misconfiguration

It is estimated that between 65 and 70 percent of all cloud security issues arise from security misconfigurations. There are several reasons why misconfigurations occur in a cloud network’s security system. One of the biggest ones is that accessibility and data sharing makes it more difficult for cybersecurity professionals to be sure that only authorized parties can access data. Something such as sharing a link to access anything on the cloud could give someone access that is not needed.

Unsecure Access Control Points

One of the most significant issues that can cause security problems is not being on a secure connection and accessing the cloud network. Being able to access the cloud anywhere from any device allows people to log in from places such as coffee shops, airports, hotels, and anywhere that has public wi-fi. Unfortunately for the people connecting, you never know who is around you, which can lead to someone being able to hack your device and gain access to your cloud network.

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Apr 14 22
Christina Zumwalt
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