Have you found yourself lately asking if cloud computing is something your company should be looking into? Cloud computing is something that is not new to the technology world, but there are new aspects. With cloud computing being around for almost two decades, many advancements have been made to improve the quality and benefits it has for your company. Even with there being better efficiencies, competitive advantages, and cost benefits, a large portion of the business community has not adopted cloud computing. Here is a list of benefits of using cloud computing for your organization.

  • Cost Savings
  • Increased Collaboration
  • Disaster Recovery

Cost Savings

When making a change to a new software platform, there are obvious costs involved. This is a concern for about 20% of organizations when looking at implementing a cloud-based server. When considering cloud-based servers, there is more to look at than just the initial cost of implementation. There are things like ROI that need to be taken into consideration. Once utilizing the cloud, the other thing people are concerned about is paying for something that won’t be used. For these situations, many cloud providers have pay-as-you-go, which allows you to choose what you pay for on the platform. This pay-as-you-go system also works for things like storage space that is needed to service your stakeholders and clients. At least half of CIOs and IT leaders that were surveyed by Bitglass reported savings resulting from using cloud-based services.

Increased Collaboration

Depending on what your business does, collaboration can be a huge task currently. If you happen to share documents between employees without cloud-based systems in place, you’d email the files back and forth and must wait for a response. With a cloud-based system, the file could be loaded into the cloud, and the users could work on the document simultaneously, making necessary changes without the current time lags. Yes, collaboration can be done without a cloud-based system, but it is neither easy nor effective.

Disaster Recovery

A huge factor that contributes to a business being successful in control. Without a doubt, there will always be something in your line of work that will be beyond your control. Even with being minimal, unproductive downtime can have a huge negative effect and lead to a loss in productivity, revenue, and brand reputation. Disasters are something beyond your control and can harm your organization, but with a cloud-based server, you can speed up your recovery. Cloud-based services can speed up recovery in all kinds of emergency scenarios, from situations like natural disasters to power outages.

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Jul 15 22
Christina Zumwalt
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