Cloud computing ultimately means storing data on a managed internet-based platform rather than hosting and managing your own infrastructure. Using the cloud to supplement or even be the backbone of your business can have many benefits.

These benefits have the possibility to save you time and money while giving you more time to focus on what’s important, your business.

IT Resources

Most cloud-based solutions have automated updates and a multitude of support options that you can choose from based on your needs. This can be a step in the right direction for the smaller company that may outsource IT support. Cloud solution companies have dedicated teams to keep everything running smoothly and securely, minimizing the company’s risk. On the other hand, a company might have a dedicated IT specialist. In this case, they would be freed up from the upkeep of specific software, the physical maintenance of servers, and other time-consuming tasks that would be handled directly by the cloud provider. This allows more time to focus on development to improve the business. No matter what IT department circumstances a company has, there can be a great benefit when cloud solutions are being utilized.


Cloud solutions offer a better spectrum of security for small businesses than they might have if they were not using the cloud. Smaller businesses tend to be a target for hackers since there are typically fewer security measures in place. Cloud can give a little more peace of mind for all businesses since these companies have dedicated individuals that keep up to date on the latest threats.

Disaster Recovery

So many things can bring a business down that are virtually unforeseeable or unstoppable. A good example would be natural disasters. Would your company be safe if a devastating hurricane or earthquake stuck in your area? According to FEMA statistics, 40 and 60 percent of small businesses affected by a disaster never re-open their doors. With cloud storage, you have the peace of mind that your data is in a safe place and has the potential to move with you to safety.


In most cases, cloud-based solutions are a great way to help the cash flow of a small business. Many providers offer free versions that could suit a smaller company. There are also options for pay-as-you-go while also having the scalability to pay for your business needs. Using the cloud can cut the costs you would spend keeping your physical servers up to par and secure.


An added benefit to being able to pay for what you need is the scalability option you will have while using the cloud. This can be a great way to plan for the growth of your business since you can always upgrade your space with cloud providers, and the scalability can go both ways. With the proper planning, you can also scale down for slower times of the year or possible seasonal shutdowns, depending on your business.


Cloud services can offer sophisticated tools you might not have access to otherwise. These can even the playing field between your small business and the larger enterprise companies. This is all because many of these more advanced tools require upgrades to physical servers and other hardware. Having a cloud solution could offer the opportunity for greater technology improvements without all the cost.

Alto9 is a Cloud solutions firm created to help customers migrate to and make the most of Amazon Web Services. Cloud computing is a rapidly changing paradigm that requires a specialized focus. Our Amazon Certified engineers have the depth of experience and know-how to ensure your Cloud infrastructure runs efficiently, securely and scales with you as your business grows.

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Oct 21 22
Christina Zumwalt
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