November 11, 1918, was the day that World War I ended, and it is now celebrated as Veteran’s Day. Although the war had ended, it took 7 months for the Treaty of Versailles to be signed on June 28, 1919. Here are some interesting facts you may not know about Veteran’s Day.  

Veterans Day is a State and Federal Holiday

As expected, Veterans Day is a state and federal holiday, meaning that many schools and non-essential government agencies are closed for the day. For those who do have the day off, it’s worth seeing if a Veterans Day parade is happening in your area.

Don’t Expect Any Mail on Veterans Day 

United States Postal Service doesn’t operate. On Veterans Day, all post offices are closed. Mail delivery should resume the following day on November 12. However, FedEx and UPS services largely remain in operation. It’s worth noting that some banks observe this day as well and will also be closed.

It’s Common to Observe Two Minutes of Silence 

Possibly the most common way to observe this day is to pause for a two-minute moment of silence in honor of the service and sacrifice of all of America’s veterans. It is usually observed at 2:11 p.m. EST.        

The #BeThere Campaign Raises Awareness About Veteran and Military Suicide Prevention 

The mental health of veterans has long been a topic of discussion, and the impact that seeing combat may have on one’s mental health. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has compiled a list of information and resources to educate both the public and veterans alike about things like post-traumatic stress disorder.

We hope you enjoy your Veteran’s Day!

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