Have you ever wondered how the healthcare industry chooses its software and hardware purchases? The healthcare industry is one of the largest growing industries in the world. Along with it growing, the technology must also evolve to keep up with all of the advancements. Cloud computing has become the best option for healthcare organizations as it is ever-growing. Here are three ways that cloud computing is transforming the healthcare industry.


This is the most significant factor, as healthcare companies will spend up to 75% of their IT budgets on maintaining internal systems. Cost also factors into the decision of where you want to host your applications and data. Even though you cannot compare the actual dollars saved, there are considerable differences in the cost models. This helps to cut the high costs of hardware, capital expenditures, and the costs to maintain the hardware. 

Security and Reliability

If done properly, these are two of the cloud’s strongest capabilities that it has to offer a healthcare organization. One of the biggest reasons the cloud’s security is important is the need to protect private healthcare information. Reliability plays a role in being able to hold all the data that is stored on the cloud. If something were to happen to a computer where all the information is originally housed, as long as it is stored on the cloud, there would be no loss of data. This is extremely important as there are laws regarding the storage of medical records for a certain amount of time.

Flexibility and Scalability

Cloud services always help to address fluctuating demands when needs arise. It is so easy to scale up the organization’s capacity at just the press of a button. If there is ever a need to scale down, the cloud allows you to do so within the cloud model. The cloud has a ton to offer, and it helps to enable organizations to continually add programs, locations, and staff to support their models of care. The healthcare field is in an environment that is ever-changing. With this ever-growing environment, there will always be regulatory enhancements, financing reform, competition, or clinical quality initiatives, creating external pressures. In a conventional self-hosted model, organizations are forced into the cycle of trying to keep up with hardware purchases and maintenance to support these changes.

Cloud Computing has revolutionized the Healthcare Industry in many important ways and will continue to do so as technology advances. By taking advantage of its capabilities, organizations can improve patient care while at the same time reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency. 

The transition to cloud-based solutions has already brought about a great number of improvements in both cost reduction and patient care within the healthcare sector. However, there is still much more that can be done. As technology continues to evolve and new capabilities are developed, the healthcare industry must take advantage of these advances to ensure it remains competitive in the future. 

Apr 21 23
Christina Zumwalt
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