Fun Fall Facts!

It is finally that time of year for all things pumpkin, and boy are we excited! Here are some interesting facts about why fall is the best season around! Those Halloween frights can be good for your heart. It’s cobbler season. It’s a great time for a campfire. Johnny Appleseed was a real guy. There’s […]

Why Your Business Needs A Data Lake

What do companies that outperform their competition have in common? They are able to generate a lot of business value from their data. According to an Aberdeen survey, organizations that utilize data lakes outperform their competition by 9% in organically derived revenue growth. Data lakes make it possible for an organization to engage in new […]

The Role of the Private Cloud in The Enterprise

The private cloud initially promised the same scalability, elasticity, and manageability as public clouds, but with the security and control over on-premise data center environments not possible with the public cloud. The promise seemed unjustified for many years. The fact of the matter was that rather than being the best of both worlds, private clouds […]

Benefits Of Unified Communications

As businesses continue to realize the overwhelming need for digital transformation, the idea of unified communications has taken center stage. UC allows you to link all communication devices and platforms into one comprehensive system and works through the cloud. This creates reliable and efficient communication across your organization and has become essential to business continuity. […]

The Power Of The Cloud And Predictive Analytics For Your Organization

The Power Of The Cloud And Predictive Analytics For Your Organization

Predictive analytics has become the main focus for cloud computing due to the cloud’s increased computing power. Companies and organizations of all sizes and industries are looking to the data they are collecting to see if they can use it to make predictions that will help them be more efficient, effective, customer-focused, and ultimately more […]

Fun Facts About Labor Day!

With the Labor Day holiday coming up, we will all spend it differently. Whether you are planning time with friends and family, having some you time, or even working this holiday, here are some fun facts to take with you: 1.   Labor Day was originally celebrated on a Tuesday. The Central Labor Union planned the […]

Selecting The Right Cloud Computing Vendor

When you shop for a car or a home, you wouldn’t just ask for a car or a house. You would have a list of things you want from your car or your home. You will describe the functionalities you need from the car or the house you want to buy. The same is true […]

Hybrid Cloud Data Security

Companies continue to move data into the cloud. Research indicates a there will be a continued increase in cloud storage and use in the coming years. Companies are migrating data storage to the cloud because it’s cheaper to rent applications and storage than it is to build or buy infrastructure. Software designed for the cloud […]

The Cloud Stratosphere

Get ready to witness a major generational shift in the world of cloud computing. A new generation of CIOs and CEOs are in charge, and this generation has grown up using cloud-based tools, which will lead to faster and greater cloud adoption for enterprise organizations. How will this affect the way the cloud looks, acts, […]

Why Cloud Computing?

Over the last few years, a huge question being asked is “Why Cloud Computing”? Cloud computing has undoubtedly become the hottest trend in the tech world in recent years, and cloud computing is here to stay. With all-new technologies developed, there are generally three categories that organizations fall into, ones that move quickly, ones that […]


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