Risking It For The Biscuit?

Cloud, cloud, cloud that’s what it’s all about. Businesses of all sizes continue to transition to the cloud. It is arguably the most disruptive technology since the industrial revolution. In fact, you could say that computing and now cloud computing is our very own modern-day “digital revolution.” There is little question that digital disruption is […]

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day used to honor fatherhood and the paternal bond, as well as societal influence of fathers. In Catholic countries it is celebrated in March on the 19th and is known as Saint Joseph’s Day. Here are a few quotes you can use to make your father feel appreciated: “The power of […]

Life With Blockchain Technology

Life before the cloud meant that most data storage solutions were decentralized and hosted on on-site servers. That local presence means more control for the enterprise, but it creates problems with scalability and efficiency. For this reason, many companies have been switching to the cloud. Indeed, there are many benefits to cloud adoption in terms […]

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is about remembering all of the fallen military and is observed on the last Monday of May. Here are some interesting facts about Memorial Day: Freed Slaves May Have Organized the First Memorial Day Some reports say formerly enslaved people who were freed at the end of the Civil War were among the […]

How To Choose The Right Cloud Provider

Have you ever started to scratch the surface of selecting a cloud computing provider and got lost? Just googling cloud computing providers brings up a vast number of companies you can choose from to bring into your office. The one thing that will be the hardest is actually selecting a suitable platform for your needs. […]

Technology Advances For Healthcare

With the considerable changes in cloud computing, there have also been changes with augmented and virtual reality. The healthcare industry has now started the convergence of blockchain, cryptocurrency, VR, and AI. With it being the medical industry usually, they do not adopt new technology until it has been proven safe. However, the latest technology helping […]

Cloud Computing In The Medical Sector

Have you ever wondered how the healthcare industry chooses its software and hardware purchases? The healthcare industry is one of the largest growing industries in the world. Along with it growing, the technology also has to evolve to keep up with all of the advancements. Cloud computing has become the best option for healthcare organizations […]

Closing the Gap with Unified Communications

Cloud communication providers primarily operated in certain categories, employee experience and the customer experience in the past. Until now, the providers met all enterprise needs. However, now enterprises are demanding more. The new solution would be one that connects EX and CX tools called “The Great Convergence.” Most unified communications platforms offer a host of […]

Debunking Cloud Computing Myths

Along with Cloud Computing, there are a lot of myths that can hamper IT or enterprise success. The myths about cloud computing have caused the adoption of cloud computing to be prolonged as people still think negatively about the cloud. There was a significant push towards cloud due to the pandemic, but it is still […]

The Downfall Of Cloud Computing

Have you ever wondered if there were downfalls to switching to cloud computing? You can easily provide the common or potentially damaging pitfalls to avoid when switching to cloud computing if you have already been there. These minor pitfalls can cause executive officers to stop initiatives to increase cloud migration and potentially lose faith in […]


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