Is Virtual Education Going To Be The New Trend?

One of the biggest challenges faced outside of people being able to work, is the education sector. With the pandemic there was a shutdown of schools and colleges due to the sizes of classes and the close gatherings. With schools closing there are a lot of things that can be affected such as children’s meals, […]

Independance Day Fun: The Do’s and Don’t

Alto9 would like to wish our readers and clients a happy 4th of July. In order to help you pop off your celebration without a hitch this year we’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts to make sure you have a safe and fun Independence Day. Don’t make last minute travel plans! Prices on […]

AI and Where it Could Be Going?

Artificial Intelligence will be one of the hottest commodities over the next several years. AI is one of the fastest-growing technologies, but one of the least predictable industries. The predictions can be anything as we have seen some fantastic changes through AI such as, deepfakes, AI-powered machine translation, and bots that can master the most […]

Why Is 5G Such A Big Deal?

We are about to embark on an era where there will no longer need to think about speed again.  Once 5G is fully deployed over the next several years and we build more devices that support 5G, we will never look back. Remember when, not long ago, 4G made apps run faster on our smartphones […]

What is Blockchain?

Life before the cloud meant that most data storage solutions were decentralized and hosted on servers on-site. That local presence means more control for the enterprise, but it creates problems with scalability and efficiency. For this reason, many companies have been switching to the cloud. Indeed, there are many benefits to cloud adoption in terms […]

Changing Medicine and Changing Lives

The field of medicine is much like that of technology, ever-changing, and ever-growing. Healthcare has come a long way if I might say so myself, and the great thing about changes is the ability to treat more diseases and illnesses. These cures and treatments not only modern medicine but also the use of technological advances. […]

AI Trends For 2020

Most experts would agree that the central technology story for the decade of 2010 has been AI. We entered a new period where machines can be described as intelligent and capable of thinking and learning. Given the strides made so far with AI and machine learning, it does not take a crystal ball to see […]

Is the Cloud the Right Move?

Cloud Computing is an upward technological trend, and there is a definite chance that it is being used in some aspect of every business. Businesses are beginning to recognize that cloud computing may be the next component that has to be incorporated in the overall business plan as it changes how the company can operate. What is […]

How You Can Control Your Cloud Costs

Cost controls affect every aspect of a business, and controlling the cost of cloud computing is no exception. The purpose of implementing a cloud cost management strategy is to optimize your business’s financial resources. There is no room for squandering even a penny of your company’s funds. There is an assumption that the key to cloud success […]

Top Tech Trends with Covid 19

Over the past few months, there have been drastic changes in the world. These changes have negatively affected everything from people to businesses, whereas the technology sector has been forced to create new types of technology. With the virus, there have been several changes in how we trade, work, produce goods, learn, seek medical services, […]


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