Into The Unknown!

What does fog have to do with computing? Everything and that is what makes it so interesting and exciting. Cloud computing has been the rage, but fog computing is bigger and better. It takes advantage of cloud computing infrastructure but brings the hardware closer to the network’s edge. In other words, it is bringing the […]

Why AI?

Artificial Intelligence or AI and machine learning hold great promise but also great risk when it comes to applying them to cybersecurity. AI has the potential to learn to identify and protect against many threats, but it also could create new and ominous attacks. We have already witnessed some unfavorable AI behavior, including racial profiling […]

What’s with SaaS?

Did you know that SaaS revenues have increased by 500% in the last seven years? That makes it a safe bet to say that software as a service (SaaS) has become a mainstream technology. SaaS has become the new development standard because the cloud has dramatically reduced the costs of developing and distributing software while […]

Why Choose Cloud?

Have you found yourself lately asking if cloud computing is something your company should be looking into? Cloud computing is something that is not new to the technology world, but there are new aspects. With cloud computing being around for almost two decades, many advancements have been made to improve the quality and benefits it […]

Is Data Speed Important?

As you read this blog, the reality is that the data your organization is collecting is already losing its innate value. The reason for that is because data has the most value for offering business insights and opportunities the second it arrives. The longer data sits in storage, the less useful it becomes. To put […]

Light Up the Sky Like It's The 4th Of July

Light Up The Sky Like It’s The 4th Of July

Alto9 would like to wish our readers and clients a happy 4th of July. In order to help you pop off your celebration without a hitch this year, we’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts to make sure you have a safe and fun Independence Day. Don’t make last-minute travel plans! Prices on hotels […]

Risking It For The Biscuit?

Cloud, cloud, cloud that’s what it’s all about. Businesses of all sizes continue to transition to the cloud. It is arguably the most disruptive technology since the industrial revolution. In fact, you could say that computing and now cloud computing is our very own modern-day “digital revolution.” There is little question that digital disruption is […]

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day used to honor fatherhood and the paternal bond, as well as societal influence of fathers. In Catholic countries it is celebrated in March on the 19th and is known as Saint Joseph’s Day. Here are a few quotes you can use to make your father feel appreciated: “The power of […]

Life With Blockchain Technology

Life before the cloud meant that most data storage solutions were decentralized and hosted on on-site servers. That local presence means more control for the enterprise, but it creates problems with scalability and efficiency. For this reason, many companies have been switching to the cloud. Indeed, there are many benefits to cloud adoption in terms […]

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is about remembering all of the fallen military and is observed on the last Monday of May. Here are some interesting facts about Memorial Day: Freed Slaves May Have Organized the First Memorial Day Some reports say formerly enslaved people who were freed at the end of the Civil War were among the […]


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