Why So Serious When Thinking About Security?

Security has always been a concern for organizations migrating to the cloud. Although cloud security is continually evolving, all enterprises need to be aware and protect themselves against security threats on-site and in the cloud. Cloud computing transforms how an organization handles data use and storage, shares applications, and manages workloads. Along with introducing many […]

Utilizing Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is becoming more widely used across the world as it has become very useful, especially due to the current pandemic. Not only does the cloud help with cost reductions, but it also gives businesses greater flexibility, and elasticity and optimal resource utilization. Cloud computing allows you to use services that are housed in […]

Let’s Set Sail for Columbus Day!

Columbus Day is finally here, and significantly a large part of US history. The first Columbus Day was in 1792 in New York. With everything going on in the world, we need a little bit of fun facts to get our minds off the current pandemic that has everyone’s attention. Here are a few fun […]

Welcome to October

We have finally made it to the last quarter of 2020. Only a few more months of what has seemed to be such a tough year on everyone all over the world. October is the start of many things such as, even cooler weather as we get further into fall, spooky season, fun month long […]

Cloud Computing And The Environment

When you think of cloud computing, you believe that there is no way possible that it could affect the environment. Cloud computing is very beneficial to the ground, but not all of the benefits are known to the end-user. There are quite a few ways that the cloud provides a much greener way of working, […]

Pranking Made Simple

We have to admit, that during the stress of the current pandemic, a good way to unwind is some good office pranks. When planning your pranks you want to make sure that there is high impact with little to no effort, doesn’t hurt anyone mentally or physically, doesn’t disrupt your work, and is an easy […]

AI and Where it Could Be Going?

Artificial Intelligence will be one of the hottest commodities over the next several years. AI is one of the fastest-growing technologies, but one of the least predictable industries. The predictions can be anything as we have seen some tremendous changes through AI, such as deepfakes, AI-powered machine translation, and bots that can master the most […]

Cloud Computing and How It Can Benefit You

All the talk in the technology world is regarding the cloud and what it can do. Cloud computing has revolutionized the IT world and everything involved in it. The cloud icon is a small cloud-shaped symbol representing an abstract of a rather complex infrastructure that utilizes software, hardware, computation, and remote services. Cloud computing has […]

What is Cloud Computing and How Does It Work?

Cloud computing is a metaphor for the Internet, mostly represented by a cloud symbol used to portray the Internet on diagrams. The cloud is a virtual space that connects users worldwide to share or store information. The way that you transmit or store information is by satellite networks. Sharing and Storing Data Cloud computing is […]

Cloud or Anti-Cloud?

The Cloud remains very popular with businesses and investors alike, but all other technology business needs to drive innovation and change cloud computing. Where exactly is Cloud computing headed? Well, it is morphing into edge computing. You can think of edge-computing as the anti-cloud. It is still here to stay and grow because next-generation applications […]


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