Why Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and conversational interfaces are changing the way design happens. You may be familiar with the big announcement of an AI website builder called “The Grid” a few years ago. It was website development and design system that was powered by artificial intelligence. The idea was a platform where site modules and other interaction […]

Are You Trending?

Everyone can determine that the cloud is not going to go anywhere but up from here. Any business that is moving to the cloud can start looking for a provider to host them long-term on the cloud to keep their workload. The things that would change are going to be the cloud sector becoming more […]

Medicine Changing With The Cloud

The field of medicine is much like that of technology, ever-changing, and ever-growing. Healthcare has come a long way if I might say so myself, and the great thing about changes is the ability to treat more diseases and illnesses. These cures and treatments not only modern medicine but also the use of technological advances. […]

The In’s And Out’s Of Cloud Computing

Although most people do not think about it, they probably use cloud computing every day. Anyone who uses an online service to send an email, edit documents, play games, store pictures, watch movies and TV, or listen to music utilizes the cloud. The first cloud computing services are a decade or so old, and companies […]

Cloud Computing Beyond SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

The cloud is expanding and gathering together a band of services that extend well beyond traditional cloud computing. Amazon connect is just one example of how large scale cloud providers are offering more and more business services.  AWS Connect is a contact center service that is cloud-based. AWS provided connect so enterprises would have an […]

Customer Service In A Cloud Computing World

Have you noticed the number of bricks and mortar stores that are continuing to close in your neighborhood? It is a clear sign that the future has arrived. Digital shopping is all the rage and continues to grow. Modern digital technology offers many different methods to enrich the customer’s experience, and it continues to develop […]

Is Virtual Education Going To Be The New Trend?

One of the biggest challenges faced outside of people being able to work, is the education sector. With the pandemic there was a shutdown of schools and colleges due to the sizes of classes and the close gatherings. With schools closing there are a lot of things that can be affected such as children’s meals, […]

Independance Day Fun: The Do’s and Don’t

Alto9 would like to wish our readers and clients a happy 4th of July. In order to help you pop off your celebration without a hitch this year we’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts to make sure you have a safe and fun Independence Day. Don’t make last minute travel plans! Prices on […]

AI and Where it Could Be Going?

Artificial Intelligence will be one of the hottest commodities over the next several years. AI is one of the fastest-growing technologies, but one of the least predictable industries. The predictions can be anything as we have seen some fantastic changes through AI such as, deepfakes, AI-powered machine translation, and bots that can master the most […]

Why Is 5G Such A Big Deal?

We are about to embark on an era where there will no longer need to think about speed again.  Once 5G is fully deployed over the next several years and we build more devices that support 5G, we will never look back. Remember when, not long ago, 4G made apps run faster on our smartphones […]


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