What Is Expected In 2021?

The big question everyone is asking in the tech industry is what is to be expected for cloud computing in 2021? 2020 was revolutionary for cloud computing and infrastructure due to the conditions that a pandemic put the world in. We witnessed changes in digital transformation priorities to help mobilize workforces, facilitate collaboration, and ensure […]

Martin Luther King, Jr Day!

Monday celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in celebration of an American civil rights leader. Martin Luther King, Jr was a great man and influencer. Here are some fun facts that you may not know about him. King was the youngest person to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize Martin sang in the choir at […]

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard

Security has always been a concern for businesses when migrating to the cloud. Although cloud security is continually evolving, all enterprises need to be aware and protect themselves against security threats on-site and in the cloud. Cloud computing transforms the way an organization handles data use and storage, shares applications, and manages workloads. Along with […]

2020 A Year For The Books

What can we say about 2020? The last year was definitely an odd one, but amazing for cloud computing. Cloud computing became one of the key innovations to define 2020. When 2020 first started, there was a standard growth trajectory imagined for 2020, and things were following that path until COVID-19 happened. At the start […]

The New Motto Is Dream Big, Act Now, So Why Not Do It?

Technology is ever changing and growing and it always leads us to¬†ask one single question, what is next? With the world all heading towards an AI-first world, it leaves a huge opportunity for startups to leave their footprint. It is not a surprise that artificial intelligence and robots are leading the way to the future. […]

Happy New Year!!

2020 is almost behind us, and almost everyone is eager to move on to 2021. Even though the year has been challenging, we have seen significant advancements in the tech industry and cloud computing. We here at Alto9 are looking forward to the great things to come in the new year. We want to wish […]

End-to-End Processes In the Cloud – The Future of Manufacturing

Digital transformation is here to stay, and manufacturers are unique to show others how to make the most of the cloud. Manufacturing can lead the way in demonstrating the advantage of innovative technologies like AI, blockchain, machine learning, and the Internet of Things and the ability to continuously innovate and transform business models with rapidity. There […]

Happy Holidays From Alto9!

Wow, can you believe that it is almost the end of 2020? We have hopefully made it to the last level in Jumanji and January can offer a fresh start with a decline in the current pandemic. The year 2020 has definitely been quite the year, one that no one expected. But we have finally […]

The Future of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has substantially improved over the last 15 years and has made a shift of companies no longer keeping in-house IT services. Cloud computing is no longer seen as just a limitless expanse of servers and software you pay to use over the internet. The cloud is now a metaphor for modern computing, where […]

Machine Learning And AWS

No matter your IT role, Amazon Web Services has the machine learning tools and services that will meet your needs. AWS machine learning tools and services are specially designed to be workable for a deep level of expertise. ML Services are driven by APIs, which means that developers can add intelligence to any application. AWS […]


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