Migrating to the Cloud Safely

In the era of rapid technological change, the cloud is not only useful for backup and storage, it’s key for future-proofing businesses and maintaining a competitive edge. Businesses moving mass amounts of data to the cloud can take advantage of the latest technology and move away from aging on-premises infrastructure, putting them at the forefront of innovation.
Migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) unlocks efficiencies and operational benefits that businesses never knew were possible. From lower costs to increased speed, AWS helps businesses focus more on core competencies and reimagine how they work and how they innovate.

Database Migration

Improve security, scalability, availability, and performance by migrating your database to the cloud with the help of Alto9. Our DBAs can move heavily loads while minimizing any downtime.

Workload Migration

The cloud is the foundation for a more agile organization that can innovate faster. Migrating your on-premises or co-location workloads to the cloud is not a question of if, but when and how fast.

Business Applications

Use Amazon Web Services to run your Microsoft SQL Server-based Line-of-Business apps and enjoy access to an agile environment that can help reduce your TCO.

Cloud Migration Solution Brief

Download the Alto9 Business Continuity Solution Brief to get more information about how we can help migrate you to AWS safely.