The newest thing in both businesses and homes is IoT devices and platforms. For anyone that does not know what IoT is, or what possibly an IoT device could be, the answer is simple. Most likely, you utilize IoT devices without even knowing that is what it is considered. IoT or Internet of Things is a network of connected objects that have been enabled to collect and exchange data. In simpler words, any device that is able to collect data and send it to the internet and that the data can be accessed by other things too. So now you are questioning yourself as to what these devices are, and how they are supported. Here are a few IoT platforms and some devices that most likely are in your own home.


With anything else in the vastly growing technology field, you can expect to find a multitude of “players” in the field that have begun supporting IoT devices. Along with several options of platforms, there are different pros and cons of each platform as well as a variety of features that each has. Some platforms have ease of use whereas others are more complex and have limitations on what kind of programs you can install on the specific platform.

IOT Devices

Some of us may not even realize we are using IoT devices but use them every day. Some of the most common items you use such as thermostats you can control from an app on your phone, to the doorbells with cameras or digital locks for your doors. There are so many devices that are being manufactured these days that can connect to wifi to allow control through your electronic devices. It is so cool how far technology has come that you can simply turn the temperature down at your home once you are within a certain radius of your home.

IoT devices will continue to come out and things that we would not even expect to be connected to wifi will continue to blow our minds. As of right now there are a ton of devices already being used in every home and they all run on various platforms. Now you no longer have to question yourself when you hear the term IoT, as you will know what it is, and what types of devices and platforms you can find supporting these devices.

Apr 22 20