Artificial Intelligence will be one of the hottest commodities over the next several years. AI is one of the fastest-growing technologies, but one of the least predictable industries. The predictions can be anything as we have seen some tremendous changes through AI, such as deepfakes, AI-powered machine translation, and bots that can master the most complicated games. When scientists and thought leaders of AI are asked what they expect, they gave some high predictions. Here are a few changes we can hope to see.

AI in Healthcare

One of the significant impacts of 2020 will be helping to transform workflows for healthcare to benefit healthcare professionals and patients and reduce costs. In hospitals, AI would allow real-time access to multiple hospital documents, such as health records, admissions, equipment utilization, staffing, and levels. Having AI in place will also enable optimized scheduling, automated reporting, and automatic initialization of equipment settings.


A huge part of having our technology sector becoming more technical, developers will have to be warier of ethics. This would be how human designers would develop AI and what it should and should not be used for. It also teaches AI how to behave both morally and ethically, called “Roboethics.” The main goal is to keep both humans and robots from doing anything harmful to anyone.

Facial Recognition

Today, facial recognition is used in a ton of things such as tablets, security systems, and cell phones. This type of technology is being adopted both in the public and private sectors. There are various uses of facial recognition, such as security.

Computer Graphics

With computer graphics, we can expect enormous improvements to be shown as more realistic in character films and games. New methods of helping to use AI to do heavy work in creating sophisticated graphics usually take a large amount of time to develop.

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Christina Zumwalt
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