The big question everyone is asking in the tech industry is what is to be expected for cloud computing in 2021? 2020 was revolutionary for cloud computing and infrastructure due to the conditions that a pandemic put the world in. We witnessed changes in digital transformation priorities to help mobilize workforces, facilitate collaboration, and ensure business continuity. This leads us to believe that 2021 can and will be just as great. Here are some things that are expected to change in 2021 in the technology sector.

Demand for Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Infrastructure Rising

There will be many assessments done at companies to evaluate where they are hosting certain workloads to optimize IT budgets and increase business agility and resilience. Within this next year there should be at least a 59% shift of organizations decreasing their on-premise infrastructure, with an increase into the public cloud. There is also an estimation that 66% are planning to expand their private cloud workloads. The biggest thing that organizations will be seeking is getting assistance in determining the right infrastructure, where applications and workloads are going to be best suited, and the tools that should be used to optimize those environments. Making the choice of a managed service provider, you want to make sure that there is an offering of data and applications that will be able to interact across environments with high performance and security requirements.

Cloud Adoption Corrections with Native Apps

Due to the pandemic, quite a large number of organizations have taken a quick-fix approach to cloud adoption to their businesses. This at first was the thing that was done, even though ill advised, has put organizations in a position of needing to seek more cloud functionality. There will now be a forefront of native cloud apps taking center stage. The technologies used will not be purpose built, to enable agility across the technology stack and allow organizations to scale the operations back, and then evolve and continue to digitize.


With 2020 being a year where most of the world went to working remotely unless completely unavoidable, we saw some huge changes in the environment. There has been substantial changes in the air quality, also the creating of a greener world. There has also be significate decreases in the amount of energy being used by at least 20% annually since 2010. These changes have set goals for there to be a huge increase in carbon neutrality in the next five years.

In 2021, the world is going to improve not only the environment, but also advancements in technology. Hopefully just as the changes we saw in 2020, we continue to huge changes in 2021 for the cloud computing technology.

Jan 19 21
Christina Zumwalt