Being that one of the biggest things currently in the technical world is “The Cloud.” There are a ton of memes and jokes about the cloud because of its name. Here are a few of our favorites.

1) You’re still burying your bones? I am storing mine in the clouds.

2) Acting class for the cloud was canceled. Too many showed up. It was overcast.

3) Cloud computing? Computers can fly?

4) What are laptops favourite snacks? Computer chips.

5) How does a computer eat computer chips? With mega-bytes.

6) Why are elephants just like computers? They both have lots of memory.

7) What do you get if you cross an elephant with a computer? Bits of plastic all over the floor.

8) Why shouldn’t you be scared of what you get when you cross a computer with a dog? Its bark is worse than its byte.

9) Why did the computer go to the opticians? It needed to improve its web-sight.

10) Why was the computer bad at tennis? It tried to surf the net.

Jan 28 22
Christina Zumwalt