The New Year is a time for celebration, and with that comes certain traditions from around the world. One such tradition is the ringing of bells at midnight on New Year’s Eve. This custom originated in Europe in the Middle Ages as a way to ward off evil spirits and ensure good luck for the year ahead. In some countries, it is believed that each stroke of the bell ushers out one bad thing or misfortune and invites in one good thing or blessing in its place.

Another common New Year tradition is exchanging gifts or greeting cards among family, friends, and business associates. This practice has been observed since ancient times when people exchanged coins as a sign of goodwill toward each other. Today, this custom has evolved into giving thoughtful presents, including flowers, chocolates, and other trinkets, as expressions of good wishes for the coming year.

The practice of making resolutions is another well-known New Year’s tradition. This custom dates back to ancient times when people would make promises to the gods in exchange for a prosperous new year. Today, many people resolve to make changes such as exercising more, eating healthier, or spending less money in order to improve their lives during the upcoming year.

Some cultures celebrate the start of the New Year with feasting and fireworks. Many families enjoy gathering around a meal together on New Year’s Eve, which is meant to symbolize abundance and prosperity. Fireworks displays are also popular around the world because they represent hope and bring light into dark skies. They often signal a new beginning and are meant to scare away evil spirits.

Whether you celebrate with bells, gifts, resolutions, or fireworks, these customs serve as a reminder of the promise of a fresh start that comes with every new year.

No matter which traditions you choose to observe this New Year’s Eve, it is an opportunity to pause and reflect on our lives and how we can make them better in the coming year. As we look forward with hope and enthusiasm for all that lies ahead, let us remember to be thankful for what we already have in our lives and to celebrate the joys of this special time of year.

Alto9 wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year!

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Dec 30 22
Christina Zumwalt