This year quickly came to an end. The Alto9 blog has covered a wide variety of cloud topics and technologies. We realize everyone is busy and may not have had a chance to read them so here are just a few of our favorites.

The Influence Of Machine Learning On Cloud Computing

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and conversational interfaces are changing the way design happens.

10 Questions To Ask When Developing A Business Continuity Plan

Every business should have a business continuity plan in place in order to remain operational and efficient should the unexpected happen.

5 Primary Functions Of Cloud Technology

The cloud has found its way into nearly everything and that trend is sure to grow as the flexibility and security of the cloud becomes more prevalent.

How DevOps And The Cloud Work Together

Cloud computing is essential to DevOps as it accelerates IT transformation with advanced tools and automation.

How To Successfully Manage A Hybrid Work Model

Many organizations have made the decision to incorporate a hybrid work model beyond the pandemic.

Why VoIP Is Essential To Business Continuity

The subject of business continuity has become a major topic over the last year and a half.

Using AWS Secrets Manager With EKS And Terraform

On a previous blog post, we talked about using SSM parameters with ECS to pull secrets from a remote store.

The Nuts And Bolts Of Cloud Computing

Although most people do not think about it, they probably use cloud computing every day.

Benefits Of Unified Communications

As businesses continue to realize the overwhelming need for digital transformation, the idea of unified communications has taken center stage.

The QC on Quantum Computing

Here is a little quick conversation about quantum computing and the effects you can expect to see on cloud computing.

Machine Learning And Why It Matters

Machine learning is a technique that helps to teach computers how to do what comes naturally to humans and animals, like learning from experience.

The Benefit of Unified Communications

Unified communications is no longer a “nice to have.” It has become an integral part of daily operations and business continuity.

Happy New year from all of us at Alto9!

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Christina Zumwalt
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